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About School History

The goal of School History is to provide greater access to history resources. The Team at School History knows how hard it can be for teachers grappling with changing NCEA standards and assessment criteria. Teachers, especially those in smaller centres, can struggle to find adequate teaching resources to support their students.

We want to help. The team at School History is made up of history teachers and academics committed to helping other teachers and students. Resources have been peer reviewed and/or tested before being offered on this site. Unfortunately, the cost of making these available requires that a small charge be asked for a subscription. After payment and the allocation of a password, all resources can be downloaded for free and used for teaching. Posters and wall visuals are offered for sale in the public section of the site. Again, a small charge is asked to cover the cost of printing and postage and website maintenance.

Please contact us if we can help with anything - who knows? The very product that you seek might be under production at this very moment.

And if you notice that the gremlins have been at work on the site, please contact us so that we can put it right.

SchoolhistoryNZ is a subsidiary of Knollig Associates Ltd.,PO Box 36590, Northcote, Auckland 0748, New Zealand. Tel 027 480-1835 (a/hrs) or preferably by email: contact@schoolhistory.co.nz

Enjoy and best wishes for your teaching or study.