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All Items supplied from this website remain the copyright of SchoolHistoryNZ.

Many resources are provided 'free' to subscribers to assist teachers in their education of students in this standard. These works can be used by subscribers eg schools or employees of subscribers (eg teachers at subscribing schools) for the duration of the subscription period. Please respect that these are someone elses work kindly offered to help other teachers. Please distribute to other teachers at your school but this website can only survive on subscriptions and so please do not distribute to non-subscribers.

Every endeavour has been made to ensure that all items supplied from this website comply with the New Zealand Copyright Act 1994.

Most historic items, photographs, lithographs and other material that are offered for sale or are displayed on this site are in our ownership. Other items are those which have had copyright expired and as such are available for reproduction. Every endeavour has been made to locate and contact possible living artists of any work that has expired copyright.

If you are aware of any possible breach of copyright on any item in any way please contact us immediately and we will make any appropriate deletions or amendments and clarifications.

The Copyright Act 1994 allows for some copying by teachers and education institutions for the purpose of teaching. In order to comply we stress that the subscribers to this site are schools and/or teachers or other educationalists and the purpose of subscription or resource purchase is for teaching.

Please respect the letter and the intent of the copyright legislation.

Thank you.