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Deep Learning

Paraphrasing Presentation

A Powerpoint Presentation "Write it in Your own Words", designed to assist students with essay writing and paraphrasing.

Reflection Starters

A teaching resource activity to do at the end of each lesson. Students engage with these reflection starters. In PDF format for printing out.

Test Timer

This digital clock automatically counts down for ease of exam and test timing. Saves interupting students to give the time left before 'pens down'. Powerpoint file approx 4.5 MB.

Paint and Clay

This activity is useful for revision at the end of a topic. Students are asked to make something relating to WWII. Other ideas are the 'Martin Luther King Memorial' or 'Memories of Gandhi', etc. All you need is newspaper and some water to help mould the clay. Powerpoint file, approx 655 KB.


An activity that is useful for revision at the end of a topic. The form of poetry referred to as Limerick poems have received incredibly bad press but can be used to assist in the teaching of history. Teach the students about limericks and how to create one. Then ask them to write their own on on a topic. This is usually best done in pairs.

Example Limericks:


A truly great queen was old Lizzie,
She went charging around being busy,
She thought herself beaut,
But her teeth looked like soot,
And her hair it was all red and frizzy.

- The Terrible Tudors (BBC Radio Collection: Horrible Histories) by Terry Deary (Author)

Even Gandhi cannot escape the irreverency of the limericks writer:

There was a young man called Gandhi
Who went to the pub for a shandy
With his loin cloth
He whipped off the froth
And the barman said, "Blimey,that's handy "

- Spike Milligan

  • Click here for information on teaching limericks

Tangram Revision

Tangrams are fun revision activities. This revision exercise is more effective when students design their own questions and answers. They can even swap the activity with a fellow student and try and solve each other's puzzles. Great friday afternoon activity.

The Tangram is cut up into triangles and students work to align the questions and answers to form the pine tree shape again.

Template can be downloaded below along with an example. This activity works best if enlarged to A3.

Christmas Quiz

This Christmas Quiz Powerpoint Presentation is great for the last few days of the school year. Released in 2012 but still relevant today.

Mind Mapping

A quick and easy guide to developing mind mapping and video "Mind Mapping with Tony Buzan":