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Year 13

Many schools are taking the opportunity offered by the introduction of the new standards to spruce up or change their topics for 2013. Here at School History we are busy writing new topics, course outlines and assessments; taking into account the inquiry learning structure of the NZ curriculum.

School History Topics

We hope that you enjoyed the new topics that we launched for Level 2 this year and now having consulted many students we are formulating new units for Year 13, Level 3:

  • Russian Revolution
  • The War in Vietnam

Each topic will be carefully aligned to the new standards, including the new requirement to make all topics ‘significant to New Zealanders’. To this end, our first internal assessment (3.1) will be a Research Folder on an aspect of the War in Vietnam. The second (3.2), will be on the Russian Revolution & October Revolution (essay). The 3.4 will be an internal Report on NZ's participation in the War in Vietnam. These lead nicely into informing the externals 3.5 (NZ in Vietnam) and 3.6 (New Zealand and the Cold War).